Tourists at Aussie hotspot flout parking rule despite new $300 fine

Councils across the country are cracking down on overnight parking in public car parks as tourists crowd popular holiday destinations ...

Morning Glory: Who would be the better president for our children and grandchildren?

Would former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley or former President Donald Trump be a better president for my children and grandchildren? ...

As One Dangerous Winter Storm Exits Britain, Another Is Expected on Tuesday

As a powerful storm was moving away from Britain on Monday afternoon after battering the country overnight with a top ...

Moonquakes and faults near lunar south pole result of shrinking, study says

A shrinking moon is causing moonquakes and faults near the lunar south pole, data from a NASA-funded study shows. The ...

Hundreds of protesters opposed to bill allowing same-sex marriage rally in Greek capital

ATHENS, Greece — More than 1,500 protesters gathered in central Athens on Sunday to oppose legislation that would legalize same-sex ...


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